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First Nations Indigenousness Ministry
Community Focus
This ministry led by Muavae and Marie Va’a, who currently live and work on Tsartlip village. They are located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island; ministering to the Saanich people of the Coast Salish nation. The Saanich nations consist of four villages of which they are actively involved.

        The Tsartlip village population is approximately 800 people which are the largest of the four communities. It is known that approximately that 60 to 70 % of the elderly have been through the residential school system in the early 1920’s to 1960’s. The schools were organized and funded by the government but run by the churches (Roman Catholic, Anglican) many of the children were forcefully taken away from their families and way of life. Many suffered both mental and physical abuse, some even died in the process of trying to escape from the schools. As a result their language, culture, identity and personal well being were almost destroyed. The impact of this experience is still evident even into the current generations.
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        In response to their past negative experience, the Saanich People are trying to repair the damage that was done to them by the church and there is a strong pull towards returning to their traditional beliefs. In the midst of all this there is still a sense of hope for the future and for the next generations. They still have a good sense of humor, a strong sense of hospitality and love hosting events of all sorts. The people have always valued their families and encourage respect for their elders. With this positive attitude being nurtured by the Creator (God) the strength of the people is being restored.
The past experience with the church has made it difficult for the Gospel to penetrate the heart of many First Nations people. Our calling to this ministry is to work at establishing a new relationship with Native people. We believe that as a Christian we need to change our approach in terms of reaching them with the love of Christ and be creative and find new strategies in the way that will bring truth. We are involved both locally and internationally. It seems that all indigenous people around the globe share the same struggles within their own Native land.

Va'a Family
       The Va’a family of five is currently served with YWAM Victoria B.C Canada with a strong call to work among the First Nation people. Muavae (Samoan) met Marie (First Nation Canadian) in the YWAM Cook Island in the early 1990. Marie was part of the first ever group of First Nation students that went out from one First Nation community to take part of the DTS. While Marie was doing her DTS, Muavae continue to lead local YWAM ministry as a base staff. The two developed a friendship after Marie complete DTS, while her and one native student decided to stay back to assist YWAM local ministries to the community. There Muavae & Marie fell in love and the rest is history

another family picture with Mua and the "gang" In 1991, Muavae was part of a group of few islanders that came to Canada to be part of the ministry call Second Wave. (This was the early stage of the ministry); it is now called the New Wave International. Marie also joined the team with the passion to reach her own people. Muavae on the other hand, he had always known that God had the call in his life for the indigenous people long before he met Marie.
In April 1992 two cultures became one for the greater purpose of God when Muavae & Marie got married. They are now live and work among the First Nation community with their 3 beautiful kids; their name is Fa’atuatua, Alexander and Penina.
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